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Kristine R.

Kristine R.

90 day weigh in!

Armando C.

Armando C.

Getting ready for his solo album.

Damarcus R.

Damarcus R.

35 lbs lost.


Frances L.

January 3, 2018

I am so glad that I met Cristina! Since I've started taking personal training sessions with her, I have been the most physically active in years. I feel stronger, get better sleep and am much more aware of my food choices. She has a lot of positive energy, is enthusiastic and has a great sense of humor too. When we get going, she has music pumping and is cheering me on when I'm getting into the workout. Cristina always makes me feel happy that I showed up for the workout even on (and especially on) those days that I least felt like coming in. 

A little back story... I have always struggled with body image because I am overweight. Before I met Cristina, I tried working out and dieting. But I always stopped due to frustration that I wasn't progressing or I was causing myself injury in workouts. Like many, the motivation to go to the gym or be active just wasn't there. I also fought the fear that people would judge my chubby body in my workout gear. Once I tried hiring a trainer through 24 Hour Fitness but that was a disaster! I caught him grimacing at my fat body in disgust and my will to workout shrunk. It was years before I tried to find another trainer.

When I hired Cristina, I looked specifically for a woman who had a lot of real personal training experience and was certified. I also wanted to find a trainer who had past experience working with clients who had similar struggles as I did. When I called her up and talked with her for about an hour. I asked her what about training women motivates her. Her response was GOLD. She said, "Women are always discouraged from being active. Told that they won't be feminine if they have a bit of muscle. But I believe women should be taught that it's good to be strong. I love helping women be strong and see them enjoy being active." That sold me!

She's been my trainer ever since. In that time, she's slowly ramped up my workouts to challenge me as my strength progresses. Cristina isn't the type of trainer to force you into dangerous movement. She recognized that my foot pain was related to an issue with my arches and referred me to a podiatrist so that I could get proper athletic shoes and orthotics. Cristina saw that I had an interest in boxing and incorporated boxing in our sessions. She also is a verified Precision Nutrition coach and put me onto a PN coaching plan that has helped educate me on being an aware and mindful eater.

Even though she has moved to Hawaii, we have maintained our workouts via Skype three times a week. I still have a ways to go, but I feel that Cristina has helped me find the path to lifelong benefits of being regularly active.

Jez S.

November 21, 2017

If you're serious about burning calories, getting stronger and living a healthier lifestyle, you need to be working out with Cristina!  She is the trainer to help you get over the hump - whether it's in your mind or body!  She is amazing at what she does - creative with giving you just the right movements tailored to your fitness level, taste and with just enough push to take you slightly out of your comfort zone!  I love how thoughtful and personal she gets when designing a workout (or even a meal program) just right for you.  You really do see her extensive experience and her educational background in fitness come to life!  After only a few sessions, I saw the difference her program was making and it motivated me to keep going stronger and harder in subsequent sessions.  Cristina is the real deal - she lives what she preaches and takes every opportunity to encourage, uplift, inspire and motivate you towards your personal fitness goals.  Can't say enough good things about this phenomenal lady!

Gina P.

February 22, 2017

I have been working out with Cristina for more than a year.  She is incredible - The workouts are tailored to my specific goals, needs and abilities.  She knows when to PUSH and she knows when to support.  I have seen amazing results and have never been more healthy.  I have lost 17lbs and at almost 39 years old, I am probably the strongest I have ever been.  Cristina provides a variety of strengthening and plyometric exercises along with cardio to keep things fun, fresh and interesting.  Cristina is an incredible motivator and because of her I am able to do things I never thought were possible.  After raving about her to a group of moms at my daughter's school - she has even agreed to host a weekly bootcamp for us to spread her love of health and exercise!  If you are looking for an AMAZING trainer who knows an anatomy and how to get results, Cristina is who you want next to you at the gym pushing you to your results.

Christa Lei S.

February 20, 2017

I have been working out with Cristina for the past couple of weeks so it may be too soon to talk about results, but I do love the way she programs and takes my body and weight into account when I work out with her. She's always encouraging and pushes me but is awesome when it comes to figuring out new ways to push my body to its limits while respecting the flow of things. She has a very intimate cute home gym that has it all! She utilizes the TRX, treadmill, stationary bike (like an actual bike, propped up so you can still use it), and boxing. And she always makes sure that you have proper form-- especially when you ask her to teach you how to box! :) 

Her rates are super affordable, especially for San Francisco-- and she's very close to BART/MUNI. She is super flexible schedule-wise and even works on weekends. I'm enjoying working with her and having a variety of things to do. Intake/free consultation is pretty extensive, as she wants to make sure that you're healthy enough to work out with her! I definitely recommend working with Cristina if you can. She pushes you without being bootcamp-y or too hard on you and knows exactly what you need to be a better, stronger person.

Jessica C.

August 11, 2015

I came across Cristina's yelp page in November 2014. I was on the search for a personal trainer within my budget and who could help me work on strength and flexibility as I trained for a few half marathons. Cristina is a super busy lady, but called me back on the same day after she was done seeing all her clients. She wanted to get a sense of my baseline level of fitness and what my goals were with personal training. She is so kind and flexible with her time, I could quickly tell that she truly wants to help you work hard and see the results! She offered me two options: training at my house or training at her home gym. She only lived 3 miles from me, so it was perfect to work out at her home. She has everything you need to get a great workout in her garage from medicine balls, TRX straps, treadmill, bosu ball, kettle bells, etc. Every workout she designs is different depending on how sore you are or if you have any pain/injuries. Most of her workouts are actually functional exercises using body weight...and they ain't easy!

She even designed a food plan for me after seeing my 3-day food diary. It didn't require me to go out and buy any special items, to eat the same thing every single day or even drink protein shakes. She tailored the food plan to foods/snacks I enjoy, just made them healthier and something I could really stick to! 

Cristina has some crazy hours, if you ask me. I would meet with her at 6AM and I know she saw clients through 9 or 10PM. Whatever her clients need. Cristina was always accessible via text, phone call, or email. When you are her client, you are more than just an hourly session for her! I have flat feet with pretty bad pronation, so Cristina recommended her podiatrist who helped her with orthotics.  I also had some hamstring tightness for which we stretched, obviously, but she also recommended a massage therapist who was also beyond awesome! This lady is well connected all over SF with some of the best providers. Can't go wrong with a trainer born and raised in SF! 

When I had to move out of SF, I was really sad to end my training with Cristina! Luckily, we were able to workout a plan where she could still train me from afar. I told her what equipment I had and how long/how often I could commit to working out and she would send me weekly workouts, including videos!  

Give her a call, you won't be disappointed! And you really have nothing to lose because your first session is a free consult.

Holly D.

August 7, 2015

Cristina is amazing and has the kindest heart!!  I have to agree with a previous post written...Cristina IS truly focused on your outcome that she really does go out of her way to motivate.  I have an existing foot injury which caused me to quit the other training facility that I was attending.  I explained this to Cristina during my consultation and she said she can work with me, which she has and I can't thank her enough for it!!   I have been seeing her since mid March and have noticed a big change in my body.  I am leaner and stronger than I have ever been.  Cristina knows how to push you to the next level without making you feel discouraged or overwhelmed.  She watches your every move to ensure that you are executing each exercise correctly.  This is a plus because this proves that she is really there to make sure that you get the results you deserve! She's always inspiring too...whenever I feel crappy or feel like giving up on a set she alwasy says encouraging words to help me push through.  Come see Cristina and she will get you where you need to be.

Dwight C.

September 29, 2014

"I've trained with Cristina off and on (depending on my work schedule) for the past couple of years. She's completely understandable when you need to take a break for work and doesn't pressure you. She actually makes it enjoyable to workout (for those of you who hate to workout, and I'm the same way). She will work with you and cater your workout regiment to your needs. She's smart, has a ton of energy and is a very positive person. She's enjoyable to train with and gives you all the support you could possibly need. I highly recommend Cristina, she's awesome!"


Armando C.

September 27, 2014

"Never in my life have I found a trainer so focused on my outcome that she would go out of her way to motivate, inspire and kick your ass all at the same time. I started this journey approx. Aug 1st at 231 lbs and today, September 27, 2014 I'm 209 still continuing my path to becoming healthier and fit. Cristina knows the body and what each individual could and should do to reach their maximum potential. Her eating plans are made to adjust your diet to "eat to live" not the other way around. Still allowing for us to indulge so long as we put the work in. She's totally your 21st century trainer using all technology available to remind, schedule, shop with you and motivate you even when she's not there. Truly life changing. Cristina lives her life giving everything of herself to accomplish a healthier You. No BS, Just truth and hard work."


Lauren G

February 16, 2011 at 04:35 PM
"When I first began personal training, everything in my head was centered around my physical wants and desires - as I'm going to assume is typical - but when I completed what I like to call my first tour, my physicality was the furthest thing from my mind.Training with Cristina Solorio changed my acceptance of myself and my life forever. If this sounds like a monumental statement to make, that's because it is. I'm so much more mentally in-tune with myself, my body and my mind than I have ever been before. True, my ass is also higher and my everything is tighter and stronger, but what really made all the difference was my connection with Cristina and the trainers at Body Mechanix.This could be redundant, but I'm moving forward with it anyhow, Body Mechanix is not the type of training center where roid-rage lingers in the air and you're made to vomit up your previous meals. It's a place of acceptance and really, a family. I can not put into words my full appreciation for all of the team at this facility, they brought me back to life on so many more levels than physically.I trained with Cristina for over a year and got everything and more I was hoping from out of the experience, including a more positive outlook on life in general and my body. I truly am more confident and more accepting of who I am. It was my first time working with a personal trainer (other than team trainers in high school) and I was a little worried that she was going to tell me to change everything about the way I lived, basically, I thought it was going to be a show-down and I was going to loose, sorely. Well, that was not the case at all. Cristina listened to my complaints, told me to stop complaining and then promptly addressed and fixed my problem areas.There are certain people in this world who teach you more than lessons, they pass on wisdom and fullness of life. Most thankfully, that is exactly what I gained from Cristina and the team at Body Mechanix. Thank you all, so so so very much. P.S. I miss and love you :)"
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